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Lets start from as close to the present day, (I will not be posting details of living relatives).

Lets start with My Great Grandparents.

On My Fathers side you have John Garnett (Born 6th Sept 1888 - Liverpool), he was married to Esther Kagan (Born 2nd Sept 1886 - Liverpool).

John Garnett had three brothers (Thomas,William and George), he also had two sisters, (Elizabeth and Martha)

John's parents were George Garnett (Born 1840) and Elizabeth OR Issabella Widdowson.



George had four sisters (Elizabeth,Lucy,Mary and Eleanor) and three brothers (Thomas, John and Walter).

George's parents were Robert Garnett (Born 1816) and Eleanor ? (Born 1817).


Robert's parents were Thomas Garnett and Lucy Glover (Born 1780), I have also managed to trace Lucy Glover's parents, Peter Glover and Margaret Fairhurst Glover, hopefully there birth dates are to follow.


Full Garnett Family tree (so far), should look like this.....