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             Watts Family 

On my Grandmothers side of the family, is the Watts family tree.

My Great Grandfather is Frederick Watts (Born 24th Dec 1894), he was married to May Willis (Born 31st Jan 1894).

Frederick's father was George Watts (Born 1864) and his mother was Matilda Freer (Born 1864).

George Watts father was Thomas Watts (Born 1843) and mother was Mary Ann Smith (Born 1841).

Thomas Watts father was Matthew Watts (Born 1817) and his mother was Ann Freestone (Born 1821).

Matilda Freer's father was Samuel Freer (Born 1835) and her mother was Matilda Green (Born 1835).

Samuel Freer's Father was John Freer (Born 1806) and his mother was Elizabeth Robinson (Born 1806).

May's father was Oliver (Owen Henry) Willis (Born 1860) and her mother was Alice Turland (Born 1869).

Oliver Willis father was Thomas Willis (Born 1825) and his mother was Lucy Ginns (Born 1824).

Thomas Willis mother was Rebecca Derry (Born 1799).

Alice Turland's father was John Turland (Born 1833) and her mother was Eliza Vaus (Born 1834).